To achieve its goals, SBCS has been promoting several special events and periodical meetings for exchange of knowledge among members, and disclosure of Soil Science studies. The Brazilian Congress of Soil Science is now in the 35th edition. Additionally, the SBCS promoted 23 editions of the Brazilian Meeting of soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, 27 editions of the Management and Conservation of Soil and Water, and 7 editions of the FertBio (Brazilian Meeting of Fertility and Soil Biology). SBCS is also responsible for the Soil Correlation and Classification Meetings, an event in which pedologists discuss, among other things, how soil genesis, morphology and classification can be used in soil conservation, how it fits in the Brazilian Soil Classification System, and how the system can be improved.  

XXXV CBCS - 2015

FertBio - 2014

Soil Management - 2013


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