Our History

The creation of the Brazilian Soil Science Society (SBCS) in 1947 was one of the most significant chapters in the history of soil science in Brazil. Its foundational meeting took place in October 1947, in the conference hall of the Agricultural Chemistry Institute of Rio de Janeiro. By the end of this meeting, the General Assembly had approved the creation of the SBCS and the new society was housed in the Agricultural Chemistry Institute until 1975, when the head office moved to the Agronomic Institute of Campinas, where the executive department was created. At the same time, the SBCS launched the Brazilian Journal of Soil Science (1977) and the SBCS bulletin (1976). In 1997, the head office was moved to its present location in the Department of Soils of the Federal University of Viçosa. In 2009, the Statute of the SBCS was reformulated for the second time in order to attend the Structure of the IUSS.

First Meeting (1947)

Second Meeting (1949)

Third Meeting (1951)


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