Costa Verde (Green Coast) Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Paraty, etc.

Islands, coves, beaches, mountains and the indescribable beauty of the deepness of the sea
The natural beauty and resources of the green coast are uncountable – the sea color, the Atlantic Forest’s exuberance, the endless number of paradisiacal islands. The Green Coast is the perfect setting for nautical sports, deep-sea fishing and long boat tours. 

Serra Verde Imperial (Imperial Green Mountain) Petrópolis, Itaipava, Nova Friburgo, etc.

Privileged weather, good restaurants and the charm of the Imperial City going up the mountain region is always a pleasure, all year-round. The climate invites to the pleasure of good food and the region is rich in excellent restaurants, hotels, cozy inns and gorgeous sceneries. The winter festivals are always great events throughout the year. Rivers with clear water, waterfalls, trails, exuberant forest – an invitation to mountaineering and ecotourism.

Vale do Café (Coffee Valley) Vassouras, Valença, Conservatória, etc.

The nobility of its farms and the big colonial houses complements the scenery of a welcoming atmosphere and climate. The Coffee Valley Region offers the visitors an excellent weather and a Rio de Janeiro historical trip through its rural architecture – big colonial houses, farms and slave houses – a rich cultural patrimony worth visiting and exploring. The exuberance of the Atlantic Forest provides many leisure options for ecological adventure, rural, and musical tourism. 

Agulhas Negras (Black Needles Mountain) Mauá, Itatiaia, Agulhas Negras, etc.

Mountain climate, lots of green and peaks covered with snow in winter time. The Agulhas Negras region is one of most precious ecological sanctuaries due to its exuberant nature and surprising natural beauty. The European culture – present in its local gastronomy – completes the scenery. All this natural wealth in the National Park of Itatiaia, the first one in Brazil. The park shelters animals and vegetation variety that exists only in this region. It is the perfect setting for long walks, diving into crystal clear and frozen waters or simply watch the exuberant nature of one the most beautiful regions of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Costa do Sol (Sun Coast) Búzios, Cabo Frio, Araruama, etc.

Sun, salt, blue sky and the wilderness of the ocean. You start feeling the magic of the Sun Coast when you see the first windmill – a land mark of this region. Afterwards, these are hundreds of wonderful beaches and lagoons, one after the other. A perfect itinerary for those who like the sun, wind, sea, aquatic sports, beautiful people and good food. High quality restaurants and a lively night life can be found all through the Sun Coast.