Rio de Janeiro

The city

One of the major economic and cultural hubs of South America, the City of Rio de Janeiro is a cosmopolitan metropolis, known worldwide for its scenic beauty and its natural resources, the city provides a harmonious and agreeable environment for its inhabitants and visitors, for both leisure and work.


The Carioca

Rio de Janeiro City’s main virtues is the kindness and hospitality with which its residents welcome all visitors. Thanks to this cordial temperament and this innate spirit of receptivity, Rio de Janeiro has been distinguished in the tourist market by a series of international awards for which friendliness and human warmth gain weight with opinion formers.


The environment

Its exuberant natural resources include 90 Km of beaches, the Tijuca National Park, which includes the largest urban forest in the world, with 3,200 hectares of Atlantic Forest, the State Parks of Pedra Branca, Desengano and Chacrinha, covering an area of 48.500 hectares, and the Rodrigo de Freitas, Jacarepaguá, Camorim, Tijuca and Marapendi lakes and lagoons. The ecological treasures of the city includes two of the three largest urban forests in the world, a shoreline present in most of the city’s borders, and a collection of biomes, ranging from native forest to mangroves, from monumental hills to almost virgin beaches.