Organizing Committee

Executive committee

Flavio A.O. Camargo (Chair)
Leandro S. Silva (Co-chair)
Reynaldo B. Cantarutti (Treasurer) 
Raphael Fernandes (Executive Secretary)
Fatima Moreira (SBCS President)
Gonçalo S. Farias (Executive Consulting)
Victor Hugo A. Venegas (Executive Consulting)

Scientific Committee

Leandro S. Silva (General Chair)
Division 1 – Soil in space and time
Chair: Erika Michéli 
1st Vice-Chair: Lúcia Helena dos Anjos
2nd Vice-Chair: Ademir Fontana
Division 2 – Soil properties and processes
Chair: Kazuyuki Inubushi
1st Vice-Chair: Dalvan José Reinert 
2nd Vice-Chair: Valdomiro Severino de Souza Junior
Division 3 – Soil Use and Management
Chair: Takashi Kosaki
1st Vice-Chair: Ildegardis Bertol
2nd Vice-Chair: Heitor Cantarella
Division 4 – The Role of Soils in Sustaining Society and the Environment
Chair:  Christian Feller
1st Vice-Chair: Cristine Carole Muggler
2nd Vice-Chair: Cassio Hamilton Abreu Junior