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Monday (August 13)

IHSS Symposium: “Fresh and Humified Organic Matter: a key factor in the soil processes and sustainability
Conveners: Etelvino H. Novotny (EMBRAPA/BR) and Deborah P. Dick (UFRGS/BR)


a) Affirmation of the Existence of Humic Substances and Humin and their Importance in the Interfacial Reactions of Soil Organic Matter.
Roger Swift (QAAFI, AUS)

b) N and C dynamics and how it is related to Humic Substances concept.
Heike Knicker (IRNAS/CSIC/SP)

c) Sustainable Intensification (crop-livestock-forest production) and Impact on SOM dynamics and reactivity.
Ladislau Martin-Neto (EMBRAPA/BR)

d) Physilogical effects of HS: recent advances.
Luciano Canellas (UENF/BR)


Tuesday (August 14)

SSSA Symposium: Soil Health: The Nexus of Human Health and Well Being
Convener: Richard Dick (SSSA/OSU/USA)

a) Soil Health: Can it be Defined and Measured?
Richard Dick (SSSA/OSU/USA)

b) Soil Health and the Microbial Community: Resilience and Delivering Services in a Shifting Climate
Veronica Acosta-Martinez (USDA/USA)

c) Integrating Soil Health and Ecological Resiliency Concepts to Advance Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture.
David Huggins (USDA/USA)

d) Influence of Soil on Human Health
Ian Pepper (UA/USA)

e) Soil Health, Food Security, and Human Nutrition
Eric Brevik (DSU/USA)


Global Soil Partnership, promoting sustainable soil management
Convener: Ronald Vargas (GSP/FAO) and Eduardo Mansur (FAO) 

a) Introduction to the GSP and sustainable soil management?
Eduardo Mansur (FAO/IT)

b) Unlocking the potential of soil organic carbon
Ronald Vargas (FAO/IT)

c) Soil pollution: an agenda for action
Natalia Rodriguez (FAO/IT)

d) Global Soil Information System (GloSIS)
Yusuf Yigini (FAO/IT)

e) Awareness raising on soils
Isabelle Verbeke (FAO/IT)


Thursday (August 16)

21WCSS Applied Symposium
Convener: FLávio Camargo (UFRGS/BR)

a) ABC Plan contributing to Soil Conservation in Brazil
Eleneide Doff Sota (MAPA/BR)

b) Developing sustainable crop nutrition solutions
Anke Kwast (Yara International/GR)

c) ICLF Network: a public-private partnership to develop Low Carbon Agriculture and food security in the Tropics.
Renato de Aragão Ribeiro Rodrigues (EMBRAPA/BR)

d) Soil hydro-physical behavior and the water production in a first order watershed: The water security context
Hudson Carlos Lissoni Leonardo (Itaipu/BR)


Friday (August 17)

Soil information, a prerequisite for sustainable soil management
Convener: Ronald Vargas (GSP/FAO) and Eduardo Mansur (FAO) 

a) Introduction to Global Soil Information System (GloSIS)
Yusuf Yiguini (FAO/IT)

b) Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN)
Natalia Rodriguez (FAO/IT)

c) GSP Capacity Development Programme
Yusuf Yiguini (FAO/IT)

d) Latin American Soil Information System ( Sistema de Información de Suelos de Latinoamérica  - SISLAC)
Guillermo Olmedo (FAO/IT)

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